How to make your own Paper Bags / Pouches : Tutorial

paper bags, sacs en papier

From paper bags to paper pouches, it’s up to you!

I don’t know if you are like me but I love everything that is paper bags for packaging, decorated pouches, sachet etc… I never have enough and I keep all those that fall under my hand as long as they are in good condition. You never know, right?

sacs en papier

But sometimes we don’t have the right size or the right color or simply the bags and sachets don’t match what we want.

So today I invite you to make paper bags yourself in a very easy way and in the colors of your choice. Plus you don’t need any special tools.

You can also adapt them according to the size of the object or objects you intend to put in. For larger models you will probably either have to stick the sheets of paper together or buy larger sheets.

Here I offer you different finishes but of course you can decorate them with everything that passes you under the hand, according also to the person to whom you will offer the gift to : woman, man, child ! It’s all up to you !

In short you will have understood that the possibilities are infinite, but always make them accordingly to YOUR tastes and it will be perfect.

It’s so easy and fun to do, not to mention very economical !!!

Make your own paper bags to put your gifts in. Very useful for Christmas and other occasions.
Materials required :

– paper of various sizes, printed or not
– ribbons
– scissors
– double-sided tape or glue
(Optional embellishments of your choice) some ideas HERE

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