How to make Your Own Washi Tape 2 Ways : Easy and Economical

Make your own Washi Tape

Washi Tape is very trendy. It can be found everywhere, individually or in packs, thin, wide or very wide and in a wide variety of colours.

We all like Washi Tape but we must admit that it is not cheap or we do not find exactly what we are looking for. Looking for a particular green or pink, a floral print with a dominant orange………?

In short if we had to buy everything that exists it would not only be very expensive but in the end it also takes a huge amount of place.

washi tape à gogo

So today I suggest you to make your own Washi Tape in the tones and colors that you want and you will see that it is really very easy and in addition it allows you to use our paper scraps!

Finally, with little material, a few stamps and ink, colored or white paper, you will create your own designs, totally unique and in the color or colors You have chosen.

Of course and as always you can adapt this technique according to your own tastes and your materials. For example you could also draw with markers some arabesques or any other pattern you like. You could also use paint and paint your own designs if you feel like it. Be creative with what you have, the most common objects can be used as stamps.

washi tape

After what do we do with the Washi Tape? There too there are many different ways to use it such as on maps to make a border on all sides or on the contrary to make a straight line on one side to bring an non symetrical aspect to it. For scrapbooking you can frame a photo and highlight it or give it more importance. You can also use them as bookmarks for a book or magazine… fact I’m sure you’ll know what to do with them very quickly.

Now it’s up to you to make your Washi Tape with these two original ways and always with very little material.

What you’ll need:
– printed or plain paper
– double-sided tape
– ink
– stamps

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