DIY Christmas Stockings with Felt / No Snow

Among the most popular Christmas decorations are Christmas stockings.

Originally intended to receive gifts, today they are essentially decorative.

Today I suggest you to make them yourself very easily and well with rather little materials and inexpensive and icing on the cake with no sewing, which I am sure will delight more than one of you. Of course, If you feel like it and you prefer to sew, the result will be all the more beautiful.

Thanks to the free template provided below, you can very easily cut the felt which is our basic material.

If you want to change the size to make it smaller or larger I advise you to open the image with a PDF reader which will considerably simplify the task.

Remember to cut the base twice if you want to introduce a gift, because in the example I give you I kept it very simple.

You can also replace the felt with any other fabric or material of your choice, as well as the colours and decorations.

Materials required :

  • red felt
  • hot glue
  • dies for Poinsettia cutting
  • embellishments
  • fake fur
  • gold glitter glue

I never get tired of these decorations and socks in particular because it is also easy to personalize them by writing a person’s first name on them. You can reuse them year after year without any worries and they will take up very little space in your boxes when repacking after Christmas.

I hope you enjoy making these Christmas socks as much as I do and don’t forget to post the photos of your creations on my facebook page (link on the right on this page).

Click on the link below for the free template.


Enjoy !!


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