Christmas Decorations : Silverware Holders

I love Christmas Tutorials so in this tutorial you will find another way to make beautiful but yet very easy decorations for Christmas : Silverware Holders with just paper !!

Your table decorations are as you know very important. If we usually think about the center of our table we often forget to decorate our cutlery. Do you ? Normally I don’t either. This time I have decided to change my decorations and so, decorate my silverware. 

Because I was short in time I have decided to do something quick  with few materials… and here it is, a fast and easy video tutorial. 

You don’t always need expensive items to make wonderful decorations. Here you will just use paper, double sided tape and optional : some of your scraps or leftovers.

If you don’t have any paper home or nothing that you want, think about printing your own ! Yes you can print almost anything as long as it is for your personal use and that you do not intend to sell the image. 

The papers used below are Christmas patterns but you could use the idea for any other season  by just changing the paper, for example some hearts for Valentine’s day, and bright colors for summer…

Here is the template I used in the video in the exact size. Click on the link below.


If you wish to use this template in other sizes please check out this website and just enter your measurements. Credit to “The template Maker”.

Click the link here :

Se the video here :



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