Valentine’s Day : lets make some glass Lamp Shades

Today we are going t make Lamp Shades for glasses.
A very simple decoration to do and really cheap but the result is superb. You can adapt paper patterns to suit any occasions but here it will be a decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Even if Valentine’s Day lasts only one day, is not a reason not to decorate your home a bit.

I know that singles are a little sidelined but you can still get inspired by this idea by printing a flower paper or any other kind of paper and decorate your centerpiece when you
receive friends.

This decor is so simple that it is disconcerting and yet you will amaze your friends who are not used to make their own decorations.

Remember that you can print an identical pattern for each glass for a clean and organized effect, or instead print different designs to avoid monotony.

The necessary equipment is very simple since you will only need:

-Double-sided tape
-printed paper of your choice

For the decoration, you will need glasses, wine glasses will have a better look because they look more sophisticated, but this is totally up to you.
You will find below the tutorial that explains it all.

Print the Lamp Shade pattern on to thick paper so you can easily place the outline on your paper or print it directly onto the paper you have chosen.

For the template just click to download here : Medium Size :  Lamp Shade

                                                                             Large Size :  Lamp shade Big  

Example of Medium Size :

Example of Large Size :

Now, it’s your turn to play!

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